Interview With A World Renowned Potty Training Expert

This morning I had the pleasure to speak with the world renowned potty training expert Carol Cline. Her claim to fame all started when she stumbled upon a method that will have almost any child potty trained and diaper free, in just 3 days. She has helped thousands of thousands of parents and below you can read some of the advice she had to share with me today in our conversation.

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Me: Hi Carol, thank you for taking the time to meet with me here today.

Carol: Very glad to make the time! Hope I can help answer all your hard toilet training questions and help some parents along the way.


Me: Ok, so let me come right out and ask you then! Did you ever think that one day you would be the world authority on all things toilet training?

Carol: I wish I could tell you that I knew that this was my calling the first second I sat on my potty, but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. I actually went to school for business and owning my own daycare was always my biggest dream in life.


Me: That’s fantastic! So this interview will be going out to lots of parents who want to start potty training with their child. If you have to describe the entire pottery train process in one word, what word will this be?

Carol: Well let me break the rules and sum it up in two: “Buckle Down”


Me: Oh boy! I’m sure parents love hearing that. Can you explain to me exactly what you mean by “buckle down”?

Carol: Well I’m sure some parents would expect me to say “Run for your life” while they are secretly hoping that I would say “Don’t worry about it, it’s really easy!” The truth is every child is different when it comes to potty train them and it will be just as challenging as it is rewarding when all is said and done.


Me: So what would be the very first step parents should be taking going into toilet train their kid if they want a fast result?

Carol: The first thing I always tell parents is to remember P.P.C! That stands for always being “Positive, Persistent and Consistent”. These are the three pillars that make potty train stand, remove one and the entire thing falls to the ground.

Start Potty Training

Me: I know for a fact with my own child, that being positive all the way through was a big part of what made it work.

Carol: Children can sense if you are truly happy or not. If you’re not happy teaching them, they won’t be happy learning from you.


Me: There is an age old debate on when it comes to potty training boys versus potty training girls. Is it a fact that potty training girls is easier than potty training boys?

Carol: Now this is a question I honestly get asked a lot and the truth might just surprise you. Potty training boys and potty training girls is exactly the same! This myth started due to the basic fact that in the past, women would be the ones responsible for potty train the child, and typically women feel more comfortable toilet training their daughters instead of their sons, simply because they can relate better to them. But in reality, you will be potty training boys the exact same way you would be potty training girls – So there is really no difference.


Me: Now you literally “wrote the book” on how to potty train. If parents pick up your guide can they really have a diaper free child in three days?

Carol: Now let me say that if your child is 16 months, it will take a bit longer, than you could expect more like a few weeks. But nearly every parent with a child around the age of two (give or take a month or two) who shows signs that they are ready… CAN in fact be trained in just three days… Sometimes even less!


Me: What is the shortest time someone has ever toilet trained their child using the methods in your guide?

Carol: I once had a woman who had read my guide at 7 AM and e-mailed me that same day at 3:40PM telling me their child has gone to the potty all day long on his own! So to give you an answer on your question: eight hours and forty minutes exactly!

 Girl on potty

Me: An e-mail like that must have giving you a good feeling?

Carol: As crazy as it sound. Helping parents toilet train their children has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


Me: So if parents want to experience to toilet train their child in three days, where can they find out more about your method?

Carol: They can visit my website! It’s the only place they will find out exactly how I came up with my personal method and get their hands on a copy for themselves.


Me: Well, thank you so much for your time today Carol.

Carol: Any time!


Well of course after this interview I tried Carol’s Start Potty Training method en it is a very easy and effective method that is doable for any parent struggling with potty training their boy or girl. I managed to get our son potty trained in 2 days! So I can really recommend Start Potty Training!


Help with Potty Training

Potty train your child can be difficult. Every child will react differently. If you are lucky your child will quickly understand what is expected from him/her, but there are a lot of children who can be more stubborn. You have to be very patient to get them to use the toilet properly. To do this you will try to learn all the strategies to get your child potty trained. Searching on the internet you will find a lot of different effective services with all kind of techniques. But did you know that there are great potty trainings available online? The one we would highly recommend is “Start Potty Training” by Carol Cline.
This training method will teach you how to train your child to use the potty in just 3 days!

Little girlThis product works the best for everyone! (both parents and the little boy or girl) Parents will enjoy it because now they have a partner in training their child. And the child will enjoy it because this training will teach them to be more independent. It’s good to train you child at a young age because during this period they will undergo the greatest development and so it’s the best time to expand their cognitive, behavioral and physical signs. In the first years of their lives toddlers will face a lot of changes. For example: start walking by themselves, going to preschool, maybe a new brother or sister. During this time you, as a parent, must have an effective plan to help your kid to cope with these kind of changes.

That is why “Start Potty Training” is originated. This product will help your child to overcome sudden changes and challenges they may experience in their young life. As a parent you will have to understand the needs of your child and make sure that both of you (you and your child) must be willing to accept these changes and do the relating methods.

When you decide to start with “Start Potty Training” you will get videos, audios and readable versions together. You will be able to get started right away! And that’s not all, there are also a lot of amazing bonuses waiting for you, like:

Bonus Guide:
This is a guide which is associated for all kind of gadgets like Nook, iPad, Kindle and more.

Free Reward Charts:
It includes a great selection of success certificates and reward charts from where your little boy or girl could choose the one he/she likes. It will make them more eager to complete their charts in a success.

Free Personal Support:
Every child is different, unique in their own way. “Start Potty Training” has an exclusive and special life line for its members. It allows members to consult this site every time they have a problem/question.

Free Bonus Guide:
potty train your child is just a small task of being a parent. “Start Potty Training” aims to allow parents to be prepared for everything that parenting throws at them.

Money Back Guarantee:
There is a 100 percent money back guarantee within 8 weeks. There will be no questions asked, you can try out the system for a period of 8 weeks. If you’re not happy with the results during this time there will be a free and full refund. This is a way to illustrate the trust that Carol Cline has in her method.

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Is your child ready for it?

There is no age set when to start potty train your boy or girl, it depends on the toddler's development and readiness if the time is right. If you want to know if the toddler is ready for it you have to learn to read the signs.

There are four signs of a child readiness to start potty training:

1. physiological development (bladder and bowel control)

2. motor skills

3. cognitive and verbal development

4. emotional and social awareness

1. Physiological Development (Bladder and Bowel Control):

Research tells us that toddler’s elimination muscles reach full maturity between 12-24 months, with an average age of 18 months. To know how far the maturity of your child’s elimination muscles are you have to pay attention to his/her behavior and actions in this area. Mostly somewhere around their first birthday children will begin to feel when they have a full rectum or bladder and that they need to empty it. This will be expressed in their behavior by squatting and grunting or tugging their diaper. At this age they don’t know how to control this. But they are starting to get aware of the feeling of fullness and the act of defecating or urinating.

At the age of 12-24 months, when your toddler’s elimination muscles are matured your child will know how to delay excretion for a short moment. Your child won’t have bowel movements at night anymore and you will notice that your toddler can stay dry for a few hours.

So, is it wise to start potty training when you think that your toddler has full control of his/her bladder and bowel? Not necessarily.

Although your child is physiological ready to start potty training he or she might not have the other skills ( motor skills, cognitive and verbal development, emotional and social awareness) ready which are required to start the whole toilet training process.

2. Motor Skills:

The most children will start to walk around when they are 12 months. Once they start doing this they also may be starting to get more interest in other “grown up” skills. From this time on they will develop motor skills required for potty training, like pulling their underpants down and up all by themselves.

3. Cognitive and Verbal Skills:

Potty training requires a complicated combination of physical and cognitive tasks. He/She has to learn to associate the physical sensation with the right response and become familiar with this. When you are teaching your child the routines of going to the potty your child must have the ability to understand your explanations.

At the age from 1-2 your child will become aware of their body parts. This is the right time for you to teach them the words for all body parts and all the other words that you will use during the potty training.

They will have to have the ability for more complex thinking (follow instructions) and have the ability to solve a problem. So that they will be able to stop whatever they are doing when they feel that fullness and they can figure out where the potty is and go there.

4. Emotional Growth and Social Awareness:

This is one of the hardest readiness to notice. But when you notice that your child is getting more self mastery, desire for approval, and social awareness you will know that he/she is developing emotional growth. There is a time in each toddlers life when you will hear them say “I can do it” or “I am a big boy now”, then you will know they want to start to get more independent.

Social awareness is the ability to observe others and the desire to be like them. Every child reaches a time,(average at an age of 18 months) that they become fascinated by others (children or grownups). They will now start to imitate behaviors.

Potty Training with Elmo

Elmo goes potty!



These days when we have a “problem” we try to solve it ourselves by surfing the internet trying to find the answer to our problem. But this can take a lot of time. Because where do we start searching? There is so much to find and if we find something, how do we now if the answer (or product) is not a scam?

That’s the reason why we started this site about potty training. We wanted to give you some tips and knowhow’s about how to train your toddler and help you to find a true product that really works! We hope that this site will give you the information you are looking for and that it will help you to potty train your toddler without having to search the internet for hours and hours…

Potty train your toddler is a common challenge where every parent have to deal with and where you can find a lot of on the internet but which site is telling the truth? And which site is selling a reliable product? This is where we can help! We have tested a lot of products and out of all those products we have chosen one product of which we think works the best to potty train your toddler:

‘Start potty training’ by Carol Cline.

This is a true, reliable and working method. We can absolutely recommend it!

Enjoy perusing our Potty Training Boys and Potty Training Girls site and get your toddler potty trained!!!