Potty Training Girls

It’s finally time, or not? Potty Training Girls can’t successfully begin until she is ready. How do you know she is ready? Do you have a boy? Go here!

Can your daughter pull her pants up and down by herself? If so, she may be ready for potty training. Is she interested in going potty by herself? If so she is likely ready to go into potty training.

Don’t Be Shy

It’s important for your daughter to see you using the bathroom.toilet training girls If she doesn’t see you using it, she won’t know how to use it herself. Yes, this may be a bit embarrassing, but you’ll need to set that aside and think of your daughter.

Go Shopping

Take your daughter shopping for big girl panties. Let her pick them out. While you’re out shopping you should also find either a potty seat that goes on a regular toilet or a potty chair (or both if you have more than one bathroom. You might also want to find a book on being a big girl and using the big girl potty.

Practice Makes Perfect

Let your little girl practice using her big girl potty. She may wish to use it as a regular chair. Let her. She can sit on it to watch her favorite program or simply in the bathroom when you are using the real potty.

Potty Prizes

Pick out some prizes for successful potty trips. Some family use candy coated chocolates, others use a sticker, whatever you choose to use make it something she loves and tell her that each and every time that she uses her big girl potty she will get one.

Remove Her Diaper

Put her in a dress and completely remove her diaper for the first day. Tell her that when she needs to potty to go and use it. Make it easily accessible to her and ask her frequently if she wants to try to go. After a few successful trips ask her if she wants to wear her big girl panties.

Praise Her

toilet train a girlGive your daughter praise for each and every trip to the potty. If she doesn’t go, praise her for trying. If she does go, praise her with a reward sticker or candy coated chocolate. Either way, she gets praise.

Once your daughter has the hang of things she will most likely take off and use her potty for all of her potty needs. She may even wish to potty train her dolls and the pets.

Remember that there will be some small accidents especially in the beginning. With time and practice your daughter will be having more and more dry days.

Once the dry days are established go ahead and start working on dry nights. Talk about going to bed in big girl panties and how she can wake you for assistance if she needs it to go potty at night. She will be excited and enthusiastic to be rid of diapers entirely and wear big girl panties all the time.

Of course every child is different. But I am sure and can tell from my own experience that these potty training girls tips can help you to train your little girl. I hope you will try them out! And share your positive experiences with everybody!

If you still need a little help check out the interview on the homepage, that is a really great method for potty training girls!

13 thoughts on “Potty Training Girls

  1. Pam

    Thanks, I have a strange problem with my 3 – 1/2 years old. She’s pretty much done with peeing on the toilet. I can count on one hand how many times she’s had an accident in the last year. However, she WILL NOT poop on the toilet. I’ve tried everything, bribes, praise, stickers, candy, new toys, princess dresses. I’ve tried a relaxed approach. Making it fun. Reading, puppet shows, leaving her alone. I’ve tried diets, she drinks tonnes of water, eats fruit and veggies and lots whole grains, prune juices, she’s very active with lots of play time.

    I’m really at my wits end. She ends up holding it – for DAYS! It’s making her so constipated I have had to take her to doctors for help. Three time now. And I just get the same answer, “fibre in smoothies, laxatives, fruit, exercise, water etc.” Nothing works. She just holds it until she’s physically ill.

    Any suggestions? Can this all be from toilet training? Sounds like something is wrong to me.

  2. Z

    Didn’t work for my daughter that is turning 3 in a couple days. Every time we asked if she wants to go potty, she would say “no” and would pee her pants the next minute. We would say “OK, maybe next time”, but she didn’t go potty that day or any other two or three days while on “potty training”. I could leave her in wet panties and she just didn’t care, pee again and again. I just couldn’t keep her like that because I can not waterproof the whole house. She didn’t care about charts, stickers or candies, she loves reading books about potty or watching videos, but she refuses to sit on a potty or toilet. She can pull her pants up or down and she speaks pretty good so she is ready. I just gave up for now. Will wait until she decides to do that herself. I heard her saying to her 9 month old brother the other day “o oh, I got to go” 🙂 she ran to bathroom, sit on her potty with her pants on, stood up and went back playing telling him “all done” 🙂 that was cute! I hope after a while she will do it with her pants down 🙂

  3. cristina

    idk what to do anymore I have a 3 year old n she shows no signs of when shes doing poopoo or pee just comes to me and says mom im wet or mom I peed for her means poop soo I tried potty n toilet she quits and only does it when I have family at home. we have al tried n she says she goes but never does rather do it in the toilet idk what to do because my 2 year old is potty training just fine n we r finally gunna start finishing with her but my oldest just thinks its funny n runs off I really need her potty trained by feb since I am now 3 months pregnant n don’t want to worry about changing diapers to 3 children I will die hahaha well hope u can help thanks

  4. Melinda

    I have learned too let my daughter go when she’s ready. The less I pressure her the more she goes. Of course my daughter is stubborn and hard headed. I wish everyone the best of luck. Here’s to potty training!

  5. Caroline

    Our daughter is 26ths and showing the main indicators of readiness. She always went to a quiet corner of the room to do her “poo poo” and lets us know she has done both wee and poo, has been happy to come to the loo with us and can also pull up her leggings when I am dressing her. I tried asking her before bath time at 24 weeks to begin with. on one occasion she did say getting out of the bath that she had to do wee but would not use her potty and stopped holding it and did the wee were she stood. she will not sit on the Minnie mouse potty, except with her clothes on only??? after that I gave it all a break. I am trying to reintroduce it. I’m not concerned with training taking longer before she may be ready, I am more worried about “missing the boat” as put in another book and so making it harder for her. Please could anyone provide some help with this as it may be something simple we are not doing that gives her the extra confidence.


  6. Ananda

    Hi. Thanks for the tips! We forget easily. After potty training the first, the second is now 2 and showing signs. She, however is not the one I’m baffled about. Our four year old daughter still sleeps with diapers at night. We’ve tried night potty training several times, but with no success. She sleeps extremely deep and doesn’t even wake up if she’s completely wet the bed. I can go and undress her, put on new pj’s and she wouldn’t even know about it the next morning. We’re back on diapers at night and we praise and award her every morning she gets up with a dry one. But still, it is not every morning. Any advise?

    1. anuja

      my 4 year old daughter has the same problem. she just refuses to go to the toilet,she tries to control the motions.. but in this efforts sometimes she looses control & passes motion in pants. She just avoids to go to toilet..i dont understand the reason. she goes for urination in toilet by her own without mistake during day time & night time as well. i tried everything for her like candys, praise her for her each good job of toilet use etc. but she is not at all improving. I stopped using diapers for her. please suggest something for her to imrprovise. day by day i m loosing my temper & becoming angry because of her habbits.

  7. Seth

    Hoping someone can offer advice. My daughter will be 4 in March 2015 and recently (within last 3-4 weeks) has began having “drops” after going on the potty. She’s been using the potty since June 2013 but is now starting to have drops after she finishes and wipes. I have no idea why this is happening and have no idea what to do to make it stop… She’ll even tell is she has drops a couple minutes after she’s finished going to the bathroom too…Oh, did I mention I’m the DAD?? Lol. my wife and I are both stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  8. Rebecca

    My daughter turned 3 dec. 1st and when she was 18 months old, i had her going potty in the toilet.. she was not trained but having tons of progression. We have an elongated toilet and there are not many seats in that size, well it slipped into the toilet but i was there and she barley fell in the toilet… well she was tramitized so i decided to take a break, she was young and ill wait til shes 2 so she has no more thoughts, well that was a huge mistake she DOES NOT WANT TO GO POTTY, shes a big girl and is to big for the potty chairs.. at 2 she was in 4t and now shes in 5-6 in kids.. were in the last size of diapers and im out of ideas.. i tried no diaper, underwear, treats, stickers, cheers, happieness and waiting til shes ready but she just doesnt like the toilet btw i bought a toilet seat that is always on the toilet and is locked in and flesh.. but i just need help..and the worst part is, im a stay at home mom so im feeling like im failing

  9. Erin


    My daughter turns 3 at the end of this month. She is really struggling with potty training. We have been working on this for about 6 months now. We probably started to early for her. She tends to be a late bloomer in everything. She didn’t walk until 14months, and she is very behind verbally. She has been tested for everything, and the doctors keep telling me she is just slower to develop. Anyway…
    She will pee and poop in the toilet, but only when I ask her if she needs to go. Which is about every 30 minutes. If I miss asking her she will just go in her pants and she could care less how long we let her sit in it before we clean her up. She also shows no signs of when she is going to pee or poo. She can be having a small conversation with you and then 2 seconds later you start to smell something or see a puddle. We reward her when she uses the bathroom with praise, hugs, kisses, even stickers or candy. She just really seems to care less. In the last month she has started taking her pants off in her bed and wetting the bed. We now come in to pee soaked bed almost every morning. I was given the advise to put her back in a onesie which I will be doing as soon as I purchase some. Any advice on how to motivate this little one would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Jasmine

    My daughter is 3 years and 2 months, she wee’s on the toilet a
    And has mastered it, She lets me know when she needs to go and goes by herself. M
    My problem though is, she refuses to do a poo on the toilet. I have tried so many methods and
    After 3 months of screaming and changing her knickers 10 times a day I’m exhausted.

    Please help.

  11. Margaret G.

    Many children think that their poo is part of their person. We had this issue with a niece where she would hold it for days. She needed to learn that her poo is not part of her body, it is a waste product of eating – different words for different little ones, but she was smart – and within two weeks she was over her possessiveness of her poo. I hope this helps those of you with that specific issue.


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